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A little about me and my work.

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by!


My name is Nigel Howard, I am a professional photographer with nearly four decades of experience working as a photojournalist in London predominantly inside the M25. My work captures, documents and records news stories where my photographs are regularly published in newspapers, online news websites and magazines across the world to fully illustrate the story.   


I previously worked for the Evening Standard Newspaper in London for over twenty-five years as the ‘night photographer’ and in my later years at the paper also combining this with my role as 'night picture editor' focussing on London stories and events.  It was a great place to work with a strong team of dedicated team of photographers and journalists and the fastest live picture desk in 'Fleet Street'.  My work at the paper frequently saw me travel across the 700 square miles of the capital city and all the London Boroughs regularly working closely with reporters covering all London news stories, the relentless gangland murder crime scenes, politics, the shocking tragedy of the Grenfell Fire, features and human-interest stories.   I hold fond memories of my time there and made so many friends.


Working now completely independently on a freelance basis keeps me on my toes, delivering fast news pictures as well as also undertaking commissions by newspapers picture desks. I concentrate on politics, crime and features. I am also regularly commissioned for corporate, PR photography where the latter is becoming a prominent part of my work. 


The business, corporate sector Press and Media Teams like the speed and ability of a photojournalist to deliver pictures offering a different perspective to the sector where a strong newsy picture is more and more demanded by PR professionals who also need a fast turnaround with pictures being delivered super quick


I very much enjoy the elements and buzz of a news story capturing those never to be repeated moments that portray and tell a story which ensure those images will forever leave a lasting impression.


I look forward to helping you achieve your photographic goals.  Please do get in touch should your organisation wish to commission me or to chat about your photographic needs.  My commitment and personal attention to detail is reflected in my work ethic ensuring that customer focus and satisfaction is 100% where your images are the focus when published.


I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Nigel Howard

Young Pelicans on Duck Island in St James's Park London
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